LP Board Update -- June 22, 2022

During its Regular Board Meeting held on Wednesday, June 22, 2022 the Board of Education accomplished the following items.

  1. Held a Public Hearing on the FY 2022 Amended Budgets for LPHS and the Area Career Center.
  2. Approved the minutes of the May 18, 2022 Regular Meeting and the June 1, 2022 Special Meeting.
  3. Recognized state-qualifying members of the L-P boys tennis team Joseph Pohar and Andrew Bollis and coaches Kevin Cavanaugh and Aaron Guenther, boys track and field team Brett Aimone and coaches Patrick Carney, Jose Medina, David Spudic, and Adam Spencer, and girls track and field team Emily Strehl and coaches Madeline Piller, Noah Hancock, Pat Carney, and John Beatty.
  4. Received comments from the public, regarding issues such as education as business, transgender student athletes in locker rooms, and library book content.
  5. Approved monthly L-P and ACC bills and financial statements.
  6. Sarver presented the Building and Grounds Committee Report.
  7. Alcorn presented the Policy Committee Report.
  8. Merboth presented the Finance Committee Report.
  9. Wrobleski presented the Superintendent’s Report, sharing information on preparing the FY 2023 Budget, the LaSalle County Health Inspection of the kitchen, and the upcoming Superintendent’s Council workdays to prepare for the next school year.
  10. Le presented the Athletics & Activities Report, sharing information on spring season athletic accomplishments, extracurricular summer activities, and showing one of the new Sellett Gym banners to recognize past athletic accomplishments. The Board also thanked Mr. Le for his service to the district as he sets off for a new position with the IHSA.
  11. Mentgen presented the ACC Director’s Report, sharing information on the number of students successfully receiving their CNA certification and inviting Mr. Wiercinski to provide a report on the recent Summer Showcase.
  12. Baker presented the Director of Communication Report, sharing information on recent Communication Office activities.
  13. Approved the FY 2022 Amended District 120 Budget
  14. Approved the FY 2022 Amended Area Career Center (ACC) Budget
  15. Approved authorizing the Superintendent to approve July 2022 LPHS and LP ACC bills up to $2,000,000
  16. Approved transferring Working Cash Fund interest to the Education Fund
  17. Approved transferring the capital lease payment of $173,175 from the Education Fund to the Debt Service Fund
  18. Approved the Superintendent’s 2022-2023 bond renewal for $5,276.00
  19. Approved awarding Key Code Media the contract for the Video Streaming Equipment Project for $104,325.00 (Base Bid A: Video Streaming Upgrades, $98,384.00 and Alternate Bid #1: Quad Channel Receiver and Digital Microphones, $5,941.00)
  20. Approved the 2022-2023 Event Admission Fees
  21. Approved the 2022-2023 Board Paid Holidays
  22. Approved the 2022-2023 Differential Assignments
  23. Approved the FY 2023 District Consolidation Plan
  24. Approved the District Discipline Improvement Plan
  25. Approved adopting PRESS Policy Issue 108 with the exception of the recommendations approved at the April 20, 2022 Board Meeting.
  26. Approved recalling the following employees/positions for the 2022-2023 school year pending their acceptance of employment per the Support Staff Union Contract:
    1. Mrs. Katherine Baker, S.T.E.P. Job Coach
    2. Kristen Koukol, Title I Paraprofessional
  27. Approved the following resignations:
    1. Ms. Emily Byrne, Assistant Girls’ Softball Coach, effective the conclusion of the 2021-2022 school year
    2. Ms. Monica Davidson, Special Education Teacher, effective the conclusion of the 2021-2022 school year
  28. Approved the following appointments:
    1. Mr. Kyle Pytel, LEAD Sponsor, effective for the 2022-2023 school year (replaces Ms. Monica Davidson)
    2. Ms. Natalie Lindig, Volunteer Woodwind Instructor, effective for the 2022-2023 school year
  29. Approved hiring the following permanent substitute teachers for the 2022-2023 school year:
    1. Mr. Noah Hancock
    2. Mr. Matthew Lambert
    3. Ms. Paige Scoma
  30. Approved maternity leave for Mrs. Kaitlin Monahan (Mathematics Teacher) on/about October 8, 2022 and returning on/about January 4, 2023. Mrs. Monahan will work until her due date and would like to request the remainder of the 1st Semester for her maternity leave. She will return to work when the 2nd Semester begins on/about January 4, 2023. Mrs. Monahan will be using her accumulated sick days/FMLA to cover the leave days.
  31. Approved LPHS Renaissance Co-Coordinators, Mrs. Jean Ganze and Mrs. Andrea Eichelkraut, to attend the Jostens Renaissance Global Conference in Florida leaving on July 17, 2022 and return on July 20, 2022. Conference registration and travel expenses funded by the LPHS Renaissance Committee.
  32. Approved reviewing and retain executive/closed session minutes of May 18, 2022, regular meeting
  33. Authorized destruction of verbatim audio records from executive sessions held prior to January 1, 2021, per the Illinois Open Meetings Act, 5 ILCS 120