LP Board Update -- October 2018

During its Rescheduled Regular Board Meeting held on Wednesday, October 24, 2018 the Board of Education accomplished the following items.

  1. Approved the minutes of the September 19, 2018 Regular Meeting and October 15, 2018 Special Meeting.
  2. Recognized student-athletes and coaches of the state-qualifying girls tennis team: Arisu Oya, Grace Filipiak, Olivia Ernat, Tyler Kroll, Aaron Guenther, and Adam Spencer, as well as student-athlete Nena Perry, who received the IHSTCA Pitchford Sportsmanship Award.
  3. Received TIF Reimbursements from Village of North Utica – TIF ($37,070.94); City of Oglesby – TIF 3 ($32,299.43); City of LaSalle – TIF Intergovernmental Agreement ($115,670.43); and Village of Tonica – TIF ($21,912.90).
  4. Sparks presented the President’s Report, commenting on the successful Renovation Open House and complimenting Mr. Morrison and the LP Foundation on the success of the Harlem Wizards game.
  5. Wrobleski presented the Superintendent’s Report, sharing information on Principals Appreciation Week, Board Members Tony Sparks, Cathy Renk, and Carol Alcorn receiving IASB Master Board Member Level I Recognition, the upcoming release of the School Report Card, the annual audit report that will be presented next month, and preparing for Parent Teacher Conferences.
  6. Jeanblanc presented the Principal’s Report, sharing notes on the successful completion of Homecoming week, working with Division chairs to assist freshmen toward graduation and to promote pro-social development in all students, and continuing to implement developmental asset techniques and trauma informed research.
  7. Parker presented the Athletic & Activities Director’s report, sharing information on nearing the end of the fall season and the start of the winter season, noting recent highlights, and the Hall of Honor activities.
  8. Mentgen presented the ACC/SRAVTE Director’s report, sharing information on a recently received grant for the culinary arts program, the upcoming ACC audit report, and the recent ACC Hall of Success initiative.
  9. Baker presented the Director of Communication & Fundraising report, sharing information on the Renovation Open House and Tour, the Hall of Honor Induction activities, and Harlem Wizards game hosted by the LP Foundation.
  10. Approved the FY 2018 Annual Financial Report and Audit.
  11. Approved a Resolution Declaring October 21-27, 2018 Principal Appreciation Week and October 26, 2018 Principals Day
  12. Approved of Hometown National Bank as District 120 Cash Management Advisor
  13. Approved of revision to Board Policy 7:240 AP-1, Code of Conduct for Extracurricular Activities Administrative Procedure
  14. Approved of revision to Student Handbook, Expulsions and Suspension Offenses, Section E, page 52
  15. Approved of revision to Student Handbook, Code of Ethics Expectations, page 66
  16. Approved of the following LPHS Renovation Project Change Orders:
    • #214 – CO Author No. 17 Tunnel Cleaning: $8,402.75
    • #215 – CO Author No. 18 Asphalt Repair Credit: ($1,824.44)
    • #216 – PCI-281 - RFP-085 T&M Carpentry and Painting Work: $145,447.00
    • #217 – PCI-306 - Cooling Tower Water Treatment: $22,299.00
    • #218 – PCI-316 - RFI-118 & Misc Undocumented Kmetz Credits, Block Electric: ($17,815.00)
    • #219 – PCI-336 - MDF Room Fiber and OT: $15,356.00
    • #220 – PCI-359 - Misc Door Revision – Partial: $57,174.00
    • #221 – PCI-376 - Gas Turrets at 3rd Floor Science Rooms: $5,244.00
    • #222 – PCI-377 Misc Phase 5 Extras – Vissering: $8,252.00
    • #223 – PCI-378 - Misc H&H Extras Thru 9-12: $10,822.00
    • #224 – PCI-388 - BR#14 Door Jamb Extensions Access Panels: $1,839.00
    • #225 – PCI-391 - TSI Floor Prep - Ticket Correction: $800.00
    • #226 – PCI-397 - Furnish and Install Dual Switching Capability at Greeter's Desk: $776.00
    • #227 – PCI-398 - RFP-111 Library Ductwork Modifications: $8,817.00
    • #228 – PCI-399 - Fume Hood Connections at RM 309 & 314: $938.00
    • #229 – PCI-401 - Miscellaneous BR#17 HVAC Extras: $7,162.00
  1. Approved amending the 2018-2019 District Calendar
  2. Approved temporarily splitting Key Club Sponsor between Ms. Casey Loving and Ms. Abigail Moskalewicz during Ms. Loving’s maternity leave
  3. Approved the following appointments:
    1. Mr. Scott Lauer, FBLA Co-Sponsor, for the 2018-2019 school year (replaces Mr. Adam Spencer)
    2. Mr. Mark Nowakowski, Debate Team Sponsor, for the 2018-2019 school year (replaces Mr. Michael Fisher)
    3. Ms. Kourtney Ewald, Assistant Girls Basketball Coach, for the 2018-2019 school year (replaces Ms. Kourtney Ewald)
    4. Mrs. Jacqueline Actis, Part-time Payroll Specialist, effective November 5, 2018 (new position)
  1. Approved the following resignation:
    1. Mr. Michael Heiden, Vehicle Maintenance Manager, effective October 5, 2018
  2. Approved for L.E.A.D. to have an overnight stay in Normal, Illinois from November 9 through November 11 to attend Illinois Unify Champion Schools, Youth Activation Summit. All expenses except transportation will be covered through Special Olympics of Illinois.
  3. Reviewed and retained the Executive/Closed Session minutes of the September 19, 2018 Regular Meeting and the October 15, 2018 Special Board Meeting.

Board President Tony Sparks poses with girls tennis players.