LP Board Update -- April 2018

During its Regular Board Meeting held on Wednesday, April 18, 2018 the Board of Education accomplished the following items.

1.     Approved the minutes of the March 21, 2018 Regular Meeting.

2.     Student Ambassadors Breyer Kinzer and Connor Cofoid presented to the Board.

3.     Recognized the Unified Basketball team that placed fourth in state (Emily Anderson, Alexander Angelini, Ashley Bratkovich, Taylor Donnell, Annika Draper, Emma Galijatovic, Michael McGuire, Gaven Morgan, Emily Nadler, Bishop Stiles, and Alyssa Stuart) and coaches Monica Davidson and Amery Ziel-Cole, and the Debate team members who reached the state competition (Breyer Kinzer and Ashley Hines) and coach Mike Fisher.

4.     Matt Rebholz spotlighted the Physical Education/Health/Drivers Education division, touching on current PE activities, the fitnessgram program, the new cardio room, preparing for summer drivers education, and health class anti-drug programs.

5.     Mr. Sparks presented the President’s Report.

6.     Mrs. Alcorn presented the Policy Committee Report.

7.     Mr. Wrobleski presented the Superintendent’s Report, sharing information on recent FOIA requests, a recent Superintendent’s Council meeting that focused on the evidence-based funding model, the annual school board association spring dinner, and beginning to receive the new evidence-based funding revenue from the state.

8.     Mrs. Jeanblanc presented the Principal’s Report, sharing information on the upcoming ROE Excellence in Education Banquet, the recent Career Fair, the successful completion of SAT/PSAT testing and preparing for AP testing, and the end of year events calendar.

9.     Mr. Parker presented the Director of Athletics & Activities Report, sharing information on the implementation of the track timing/scoring system, finding a plan to maintain the weight-training program in the building during summer renovation, and recent athletics and activities accomplishments.

10.  Mr. Wrobleski presented the ACC/SRAVTE Director’s report, sharing information on a planned meeting to explore an aviation program.

11.  Mr. Baker presented the Director of Communication & Fundraising report, sharing information on Renovation-related communication activities, the upcoming performances of Shrek the Musical, and LP Foundation Trivia Night.

12.  Approval of the following LPHS Renovation Project Change Orders:

  i.     #86 – Phase 3 Business Lab Additional Electric – Revised: $15,639.00

  ii.     #87 – Auditorium Window Trim: $29,114.00

  iii.     #88 – Misc Phase 3 Carpentry Extras: $0.00

  iv.     #89 – Phase 3 Misc Plaster Allowances: $9,498.00

  v.     #90 – BR#17 Alternate 1 STEM Wing Rubber Flooring: $36,920.00

 vi.     #91 – Misc Allowances Elimination: Credit ($44,359.00)

 vii.     #92 – BR#14 MDC Fuze White Board Paint ILO Idea Paint: Credit ($8,765.00)

 viii.     #93 – CPVC Sprinkler Piping in Lieu of Cast Iron: Credit ($10,875.00)

 ix.     #94 – CO2 Sensor at Gymnasium Air Handler Units: Credit ($4,078.00)

 x.     #95 – BR#14 Plumbing Fixture Revisions: Credit ($230.00)

 xi.      #96 – Revised Auditorium Fire Protection Enclosures: $11,672.00

 xii.      #97 – Replacement Door 215.7: $937.00

13.  Approval of the Emergency Health Life Safety Resolution for the Hot Water Heaters –Main Building

14.  Approval to extend the Illinois Central School Bus contract through 2019-2020 with a 2.5% increase in each year

15.  Approval to establish a Computer Club Activity Account

16.  Approval of Proclamation Recognizing Teacher Appreciation Week: May 7 – May 11, 2018

17.  Approval of Hillmann Pediatric Therapy, P.C. Contract for the 2018-2019 school year

18.  Approval to let bids for Pizza Contract for 2018-2019 school year

19.  Approval to let bids for Milk/Dairy Contract for 2018-2019 school year

20.  Approval to let bids for Bread Contact for 2018-2019 school year

21.  Approval of PRESS Board Policies Recommendations (2nd Reading)

22.  Approval to adopt the Resolution to Prohibit Sexual Harassment – Policy 5:20-E

23.  Approval of proposal to increase GPA criteria for High Scholarship and Honor Roll (2nd Reading)

24.  Approval of the Appointed Office Treasurer’s Bond for July 1, 2018 thru June 30, 2019

25.  Approval of the following resignations:

  i.     Mr. Kyle Adelmann, Band Director, effective the conclusion of the 2017-2018 school year

  ii.     Ms. Christina Weber, Chess Club Sponsor, effective the conclusion of the 2017-2018 school year

 iii.     Mr. Rob Clydesdale, Group Interpretation Sponsor, effective the conclusion of the 2017-2018 school year

26.  Approval of the following appointments for the 2018 Building and Grounds summer help at $13.75/hour:

  i.      Ms. Theresa Wolfe

 ii.      Mr. Randy Huebbe

 iii.      Mr. Matt Glupczynski

 iv.      Mr. Rick Truskoski

27.  Approval of the appointments for the following personnel for 2018 summer school:

 i.     Ms. Wendy Wilkins, AAP Teacher

 ii.     Mr. Kyle Pytel, Driver’s Ed Teacher

 iii.     Mr. Patrick Goy, Driver’s Ed Teacher

 iv.     Mr. Jim Cherveny, Driver’s Ed Teacher

 v.     Mr. Joe Bruner, Driver’s Ed Teacher

 vi.     Mr. Matt Rebholz, Driver’s Ed Teacher

 vii.     Ms. Alexandra West, English Teacher

 viii.     Mr. Randy Gunia, English Teacher

 ix.     Mrs. Michele Honecker-Ummel, English Teacher

 x.     Mr. Nick Stevenson, Math Teacher

 xi.     Mr. Matt Makeever, Math Teacher

 xii.     Mr. Eric Bjerkaas, Math Teacher

 xiii.     Mrs. Lori Turczyn, Summer School Para Pro

 xiv.     Mrs. Ronda Simcich, Summer School Para Pro

 xv.     Mrs. Tracy Payton, Summer School Para Pro

 xvi.     Mr. John Beatty, Biology Teacher

 xvii.     Mr. Adam Kueltzo, Chemistry Teacher

 xviii.     Ms. Kate Lance, Special Ed Teacher

 xix.     Mrs. Brenda Sadnick, Special Ed Para Pro

28.  Approval of the following appointment for the 2018 Summer Technology Help at $13.75/hour:

 i.      Mr. Scott Lauer

29.  Approved and retained the Executive Closed Session minutes for the March 21, 2018 Regular Meeting.

Board President Tony Sparks poses with debate team member Breyer Kinzer. Board President Tony Sparks poses with Unified Basketball team members.