LP Board Update -- March 2018

During its Regular Board Meeting held on Wednesday, March 21, 2018 the Board of Education accomplished the following items.

1.     Approved the minutes of the February 21, 2018 Regular Meeting.

2.     Recognized the IHSA state qualifying wrestlers and their coaches.  Student-Athletes: Seth Antle, Lucas Burris, Hunter Holdcraft, Ashton Kellett, and Brycen Kellett. Coaches: Mr. Ed Wrobleski, Head Coach, Mr. Matt Rebholz, Assistant Coach Mr. Rocky McKnight, Mr. Doug Kurkowski, Assistant Coach, Mr. Craig Graham, Assistant Coach, and Mr. Joshua Sarver, Assistant Coach.

3.     Student Ambassador Connor Cofoid presented to the Board.

4.     Angelique Depenbrock and Nancy Kochis spotlighted the Science division. Angelique shared information on gel electrophoresis that she uses with equipment purchased through a foundation grant.  Nancy shared information about the pre-lab videos she creates for her forensics class.  

5.     Received a letter from Mrs. Cheri DePaepe, chair of the LP Education Foundation, thanking the Board of Education for its donation to the Foundation in the memory of Ramona Haberkorn (wife of Mark Haberkorn).

6.     Mr. Sparks presented the President’s Report, sharing that the Board completed its annual evaluation of Mr. Wrobleski.

7.     Mrs. Alcorn presented the Policy Committee Report. This month the Board will be reviewing the recommended PRESS policy updates as a first reading.

8.     Dr. Lynch presented the Programs Committee Report. The committee presented as a first reading to the Board a recommendation to increase the minimum GPA for honor roll and high scholarship.

9.     Dr. Meier presented the Finance Committee Report. Dr. Meier shared that monthly expenditures are right on target based on what was budgeted. He also reported that the committee is recommending the staffing projections presented by Mr. Wrobleski.

10.  Mr. Wrobleski presented the Superintendent’s Report, sharing information on his and Mrs. Whalen’s recent meeting with Mr. Brent Appell, the District’s ISBE financial consultant to work on revenue projections for FY 2019. Mr. Wrobleski also reported that Senator Rezin’s education advisory meeting has been rescheduled to April 19th at 6:00 pm. It will be held in one of the collabs in the business hallway.

11.  Mrs. Jeanblanc presented the Principal’s Report, sharing information on the recent high scholarship legion induction, her ongoing work with students to enhance the school culture, and an update on finishing student enrollments and beginning work on the master schedule.

12.  Mr. Parker presented the Director of Athletics & Activities Report, sharing information on recent athletic accomplishments and upcoming student activity events.

13.  Mr. Mentgen presented the ACC/SRAVTE Director’s report, sharing information on enrollment in the ACC for next school year, students of the month for March 2018 are Mariah Kaufmann (LPHS) and Veronica Lopez (St. Bede), IVEO program will be sponsoring a Variety Show set for April 14th, April 10th the ACC will be sponsoring a Soft Skills day in conjunction with IVCH, March 20th, the ACC Welding, Building Trades, Residential Wiring, and Machine Technology courses were given tours of the IBEW and Operating Engineers Training Facilities in Joliet and Wilmington. This was a joint SRAVTE/ACC offering.

14.  Mr. Wrobleski presented the Director of Communication & Fundraising report, sharing information on Renovation-related communication activities, the recent Family Ambassadors meeting, and reminded the Board about the LP Education Foundation’s annual trivia night on March 24th at Senica’s Oak Ridge.

15.  Approved the following contracts for LPHS Renovation Project Bid Release #17 – Interior Renovations: Phase 5 (Total Award: $8,034,344.00):

a.      Trade Package #2.5 Demolition: Recommended award to McCoy Construction for the amount of $421,000.00.

b.     Trade Package #6.4 General Carpentry: Recommended award to McCoy Construction for the amount of $1,298,000.00.

c.      Trade Package #9.8 Flooring: Recommended award to Tile Specialists Inc. for the amount of $365,040.00.

d.     Trade Package #9.9 Painting: Recommended award to Oosterbaan & Sons Co. for the amount of $142,450.00.

e.      Trade Package #22.3 Plumbing: Recommended award to JB Contracting for the amount of $343,000.00.

f.      Trade Package #23.5 HVAC: Recommended award to JB Contracting for the amount of $2,599,654.00.

g.     Trade Package #26.6 Electrical: Recommended award to Block Electric for the amount of $2,865,200.00. This includes the base bid value of $2,799,900.00 and Alternate 5 for an addition of $65,300.00.

16.  Approved the following LPHS Renovation Project Change Orders:

a.      #65- Phase 2 Wardrobe Closet Locks - $914.38

b.     #66- VE Credit Phase 3 Operable Partition Elimination – ($25,483.00)

c.      #67- VE Credit Phase 3 Safety and Security Tack Boards –($5,726.00)

d.     #68- Phase 2 Toiler Room Trim - $1,326.60

e.      #69- Phase 3 Stairwell Soffit and Lighting Revisions - $1,246.00

f.      #70- Phase 3 Plumbing Vent Roof Work - $1,932.00

g.     #71- Bid Release 16 Science Lab Caster Revisions - $1,932.00

h.     #72- Additional VPH Stations in Rooms 317 & 322 - $7,355.00

i.       #73- Phase 2 Door 106.8 Mech Room Door Revisions - $2,385.00

j.       #74- Phase 3 Final Exam Testing 2nd Shift Work - $4,447.00

k.     #75- Misc Phase 2 & 3 HVAC Revisions - $492.00

l.       #76- Phase 2 Room 337B Casework Modifications - $915.00

m.   #77- VE Credit Eliminate Folding Panel Partition in Collab – ($37,018.00)

n.     #78- VE Credit Eliminate Sliding Door Between Labs 135A & 135B – ($5,667.00)

o.     #79- VE Credit Eliminate Casework in Rooms 117 & 118 – ($8,489.00)

p.     #80- VE Credit Eliminate Octagon in 1st Floor Corridor – ($1,074.00)

q.     #81- VE Credit Eliminate Marker Boards and Tack Boards – ($15,824.00)

r.      #82- VE Credit Bid Release 14 Plumbing – ($1,122.00)

s.      #83- VE Credit Bid Release 14 Misc Flooring – ($7,942.00)

t.       #84- VE Credit Bid Release 14 Misc Lighting – ($76,721.00)

u.     #85- Bonus Science Lab & Foods Lab - $89,413.00

17.  Approved the 2018-2019 Student Fees.

18.  Approved the 2018-2019 Paid Holidays.

19.  Approved the IHSA Renewal for the 2018-2019 school year.

20.  Approved to accept the invitation for LaSalle-Peru Township High School to join the I-8 Conference beginning in 2019-2020.

21.  Review of PRESS Board Policies Recommendations (1st Reading).

22.  Review of proposal to increase High Scholarship and Honor Roll GPA Criteria (1st Reading).

23.  Approved the following resignations:

a.      Mr. Levi Derber, Special Education Teacher and Assistant Football Coach, effective the conclusion of the 2017-2018 school year

b.     Ms. Kourtney Ewald, Girls Basketball Assistant Coach, effective the conclusion of the 2017-2018 school year 

24.  Approved the following appointments:

a.      Mrs. Michele Pacheco, Social Worker for the 2018-2019 school year (replaces Ms. Jan Beckman)

b.     Ms. Kate Lance, Part-time STEP Coordinator for the 2018-2019 school year (replaces Mrs. Connie Schwingle)

25.  Approved the paternity Leave for Mr. Kyle Adelmann (Band Director) on or about April 9, 2018 and returning on or about April 26, 2018.

26.  Approved to accept with regret the retirement of Ms. Jennifer Rexius (Science Teacher) effective the conclusion of the 2021-2022 school year.

27.  Approved the overnight trip for Boys’ Tennis program to participate in a two day tournament in Moline, IL on May 4-5, 2018 and staying overnight on May 4. Overnight cost will be paid by Booster Club funds.

28.  Approved to allow Knights of Columbus to conduct a Tootsie Roll Candy Sale on Friday, September 21, 2018 at the L-P football game at Howard Fellows Stadium.

29.  Approved the overnight trip for the Boys Basketball Team at Wisconsin Dells on June 23, 2018 for a shootout. This trip is being funded by the Booster Club and Check into Cavs funds.               

30.  Approved and retained the Executive Closed Session minutes for the February 17, 2018 Regular Board Meeting.

31.  Approved the following reappointments for the 2018-2019 school year:

 i.     Part-time status: Ms. Mary Scott, ACC Business Education Teacher and Mr. Kevin Champlin, ACC Data Base Management Teacher.

 ii.     First-year probationary teachers to be rehired as second-year probationary teachers for the 2018-2019 school year: Ms. Taylor Alba-School Counselor, Ms. Monica Soulsby-English Teacher, Mr. Adam Kueltzo-Science Teacher, Mrs. Kelly Liebhart-Spanish Teacher, Ms. Amery Ziel-Cole-Special Education Teacher, Mr. Michael Fisher-ACC Auto Mechanics, and Ms. Abigail Moskalewicz-Special Education Teacher.

 iii.      Second-year probationary teachers to be rehired as third-year probationary teachers for the 2018-2019 school year: Mr. Nathan Boudreau-Spanish Teacher, Mr. William Zukowski- Mathematics Teacher, Mrs. Kaitlin Monahan-Mathematics Teacher, Mrs. Abigail Goy-Special Education Teacher, and Mrs. Susan Stiker-ACC Culinary Arts Teacher.

 iv.     Third-year probationary teachers to be rehired as fourth-year probationary teachers for the 2017-2018 school year: Mrs. Larisa Sarver- Art Teacher, Mrs. Angela Hartman-Mathematics Teacher, Mr. Nicholas McLaughlin-English Teacher, Ms. Monica Davidson-Special Education, Ms. Kourtney Ewald-English Teacher, Mr. Aaron Guenther, English Teacher, Mr. Jared Mundt-Mathematics Teacher, Mr. Adam Spencer-Business Teacher, and Mr. Jonathan Rashid-PE/Health/Drivers Ed Teacher.

 v.      Fourth-year probationary teachers to be granted tenure for the 2018-2019 school year: Mr. Matthew Rebholz, Physical Education Teacher and Mr. Kyle Pytel, Physical Education Teacher.

32.  Approved the Reduction-in-Force for the 2018-2019 school year: Mrs. Brenda Sadnick, Title I Aide, due to financial consideration, Mrs. Ronda Simcich, Title I Aide, due to financial consideration, and Mrs. Katherine Baker, STEP Job Coach, due to financial consideration.

33.  Approved renewing the following positions for the 2018-2019 school year: Mrs. Ingrid Cushing, Associate Principal for Teaching and Learning, Mr. Dwayne Mentgen, Director Area Career Center, Mr. Kevin Parker, Director of Athletics and Activities, Ms. Erin Reid, Associate Principal for Student Support Services, School Resource Officer, and Mrs. Susan Brooker, Attendance Advocacy Program Coordinator (AAP).

34.  Approved 2.4 FTE new staffing increase and 2.2 overload teaching sections for the 2018-2019 school year.