L-P Board Update -- August 16, 2023

During its Regular Board Meeting held on Wednesday, August 16, 2023 the Board of Education accomplished the following items.

  1. Approved the minutes of the June 21, 2023 Regular Meeting and the August 9, 2023 Special Meeting.
  2. Recognized state-qualifying boys tennis players, Andrew Bollis and Daniel Santoy.
  3. An opportunity for public comment was offered.
  4. Approved monthly L-P, ACC bills, payroll, financial statements, and board/employee travel expense reimbursements.
  5. Received correspondence from the Bacidore Family and the L-P Foundation.
  6. Mr. Ferrari presented the Building and Grounds Committee Report.
  7. Mr. Merboth presented the Finance Committee Report.
  8. Mrs. Alcorn presented the Policy Committee Report.
  9. Dr. Wrobleski presented the Superintendent’s Report, sharing information on the “120 Promise” status report, the upcoming district audit, the opening of school, current enrollment figures, FOIA requests, and an overview of the proposed District Budget with assistance from Mrs. Whalen.
  10. Mrs. Cushing presented the Principal’s Report, sharing information on the opening of the school year at the “2-minute warning” sports theme, freshmen orientation, and changes to the evaluation process.
  11. Mr. Hanson presented the Athletic Director’s Report, sharing information on acclimating to L-P, the start of the fall sports season, Back-to-School Spirit Week, and Meet the Cavs.
  12. Mr. Baker presented the Director of Communication Report, sharing information on the ongoing migration of the school website to a new vendor, upcoming L-P Foundation events, and plans to communicate changes in student drop-off/pick-up policies to families.
  13. Approved adding action item: approval for L-P Sports Complex Phase II partial occupancy permits for tennis and soccer.
  14. Adopted a Resolution 2024-1 approving the tentative LPHS FY24 Budget and place it on public display
  15. Adopted a Resolution 2024-2 approving the tentative ACC FY24 Budget and place it on public display
  16. Adopted a Resolution 2024-3 approving to Regulate Expense Reimbursements
  17. Approved the Marco Copy Machine Contract for 2023-2024
  18. Approved the Athletic Training Contract with City Center Rehabilitation West, Inc. from August 1, 2023, through the end of the 2025-2026 school year
  19. Approved the 2023-2024 Differential Assignments
  20. Approved the following L-P Sports Complex Phase II change orders:
      1. Byrne & Jones:
        1. CO #7: Two Single-Barrel Batting Cages (Softball Fields) - $166,000.00
        2. CO #8: Baseball Warning Track - $126,430.00
        3. CO #9: ABI Force Infield Groomer and Laser Grader - $28,000.00
      2. Vissering Construction (Concession Stand/Press Box):
        1. CO #2: Wall Hung Toilets and Carrier - $3,954.85
        2. CO #3: Additional conduit/power for the PA system and for future security system - $11,643.43
  21. Approved the following Board Policies:
      1. Approved PRESS Policy Issue 112 (June 2023), except for Policy 6:40 – AP (Administrative Procedure – Curriculum Development)
      2. Approved revised Policy 6:40 – AP (Administrative Procedure – Curriculum Development)
      3. Approved eliminating Policy 6:40 AP1 (Curriculum Administrative Procedures)
  22. Approved the Blood-Borne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan for 2023-2024 school year
  23. Approved the District’s Annual Review of Safety Plans, Protocols, Procedures, and School Safety Drills Report for the 2023-2024 school year
  24. Approved the employee computer purchase program for the 2023-2024 school year
  25. Approved appointing the Buildings and Grounds Committee members to consider nominations to name the L-P Baseball Field and make a recommendation to the Board of Education per Board Policy 4:150
  26. Approved establishing the following activity accounts:
      1. Environmental Committee
      2. Cavs Shop
  27. Approved the following retirement with regret:
      1. Mrs. Pam Engels, Choral Accompanist, effective the conclusion of the 2023-2024 school year
  28. Approved the following resignations with regret:
      1. Mrs. Lori Whalen, Business Manager, effective September 15, 2023
      2. Mrs. Janelle Mrowicki, Paraprofessional, effective June 24, 2023
      3. Mr. Leonardo Trujillo, Assistant Boys’ Soccer Coach, effective August 8, 2023
  29. Approved the following appointments:
      1. Mr. Matt Glupczynski, Fall Cardio Room Supervisor, effective August 21, 2023 – November 10, 2023
      2. Mr. Mike Hagerty, Volunteer Assistant Baseball Coach, effective for the 2023-2024 school year
      3. Mr. Leonard Trujillo, Volunteer Assistant Boys’ Soccer Coach, effective for the 2023-2024 school year
  30. Approved allowing Knights of Columbus to conduct a Tootsie Roll Candy Sale on Friday, October 6, 2023, at the L-P football game at Howard Fellows Stadium
  31. Approved L-P Sports Complex Phase 2 partial occupancy permits for tennis and soccer.
  32. Approved reviewing and retaining the following executive/closed session minutes:
      1. Regular Meeting Minutes, June 15, 2023
  33. Approved destructing verbatim audio records from Executive Session held prior to March 1, 2022, per the Illinois Open Meetings Act, 5 ILCS 120
      1. Special Meeting Minutes, January 12, 2022
      2. Regular Meeting Minutes, January 19, 2022
      3. Emergency Meeting Minutes, February 6, 2022
      4. Regular Meeting Minutes, February 23, 2022
  34. Approved to intervene in the Menards Tax Appeal to the State of Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board (PTAB).