Message shared by Dr. Wrobleski on May 5, 2021

Dear L-P Students and Families –

I’m writing with an update on the recent surge of positive cases and close contact quarantines experienced at L-P. Over the past 7 to 10 days, we’ve experienced a spike in the number of positive student cases. In fact, this is not unique to just L-P. I am aware of 10 other districts in the county that have seen their student numbers spike.

Currently, 146 in-person students are home in quarantine – which is 20.6% of our in-person kids. In total, we have 196 students in quarantine - which is 16.7% of the total student population. We’ve had at least 7 students test positive within this same time frame; and we’re waiting on the results for several more students. The spike in quarantines is not a surprise since reducing from 6 feet to 3 feet the space between students in classrooms. What has been a change, however, is seeing more students that were close contacts become positive. While we can’t exactly confirm they caught the virus in the classroom, we’ve had several close contacts become positive. It is a correlation right now and not causation. But, it is a change from what we’ve experienced previously.

Right now, we are closely monitoring the numbers. As you can imagine, the contact tracing has been overwhelming for our staff. In fact, we received a communication yesterday from the LaSalle County Health Department updating us that they too are overwhelmed with contact tracing – and that there is a significant delay in their office getting into contact with our identified close contacts. I share this so our families have more insight into why you are not getting a quick call from the health department.

We’ve modified the COVID Dashboard on the website. We are now tracking the number of in-person learners in quarantine as a specific metric. Please continue checking the numbers on our website.

The timing of this surge is unfortunate – especially with graduation on the very near horizon, not to mention spring sports and the promenade. As of today, I am not ready to declare a remote learning environment, but we are closely monitoring this situation. We are seeing an increase of districts around the state returning to remote learning as a pause. The nearest district to us is Somonauk.

I am asking families to do everything you can to limit your exposure to others and especially your kids. I am the parent of a junior L-P student and I completely get their frustration on "being trapped at home". But we are so close to the finish line that I do not want to see our planned events - in particular, graduation - disrupted by a continued spike in positive student cases and close contact quarantines - especially if we can do our part to minimize contact. I appreciate your help and support with this.

If there are any questions, please contact me at (815) 223-2373 or swrobleski@lphs.net.


Dr. Steven R. Wrobleski