LPHS Transitions to Remote Learning (August 27, 2020)

August 27, 2020


Dear LPHS Students and Parents:


I am writing to update our LP families of our decision to transition to remote learning beginning September 1, 2020 through October 16, 2020, which is the end of the first quarter.

The recent confirmed positive COVID case along with the ongoing challenges of managing the growing number of students in isolation and the increase in students transitioning to remote learning has convinced our leadership team that our best option right now is to move to full remote. We believe this will provide a more consistent learning experience for all students. There is no doubt that we will continue to have confirmed positive cases that will require some level of quarantine. This will only result in more frustration and confusion for staff, students, and parents when we have to transition at a moment’s notice from in-person to remote – like we did on the evening of August 25.


We know that this change will create different challenges for staff, students, and families. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all approach in handling this pandemic. Please know that we are making decisions based on current data and what we believe will have the best outcome for the majority of students. There will still be some specialized programs that will meet in-person. We are also working out plans for smaller numbers of students to still be able to come to school in the afternoon for extra help. Likewise, the LPHS Athletics and Activities Office is working to support the extracurricular programs that we can offer in a safe environment. While this may seem to be in conflict with our decision to go remote with classroom instruction, the extra help and extracurricular programs are much smaller in number and we can better control social distancing. We are doing everything we can to provide a “normal experience” where possible. 

Changes beginning the week of August 31:


1) Monday, August 31 – Remote Learning Planning Day. This will count as a student attendance day; however, Red Day students will NOT be meeting in Google Meets. Teachers will be emailing students with more information on what to do on Monday. Staff will be planning the transition to remote learning on Monday. The Illinois State Board of Education has given every school district five (5) remote learning planning days this school year. This will be our first one.


2) Tuesday, September 1 – First official Remote Learning Day. We will continue following the Red/Green/Cavs Days schedule for virtual class meeting time with teachers. The current remote learning students, however, will begin attending virtual class – either Red Days or Green Days, based on their last name. ALL STUDENTS will now attend virtual class three days per week and work on Edgenuity/Google Classroom on the other two. As a reminder, students with last names beginning with A through Limberg attend virtual class on Red Days; students with last names beginning with Link through Z attend virtual class on Green Days.

3) Afternoon Tutoring/Extra Help sessions will begin on September 1, 2020 and run from 1:00 to 2:40 pm. Teacher may work with up to five (5) students at a time in classrooms. Students must make an appointment with teachers and check in at the Greeter’s Desk. Masks must be worn, and social distancing enforced. Security will escort students to their destination.


4) Our self-contained special education programs (Pride, Oasis, Goals, Life Skills, and Transitions) will continue meeting in-person Monday-Thursday, beginning September 1.


5) The ACC Cosmetology Program will continue meeting in-person due to licensing requirements beginning September 1.


6) IHSA Athletic Programs will continue their practices, competitions, and contact days.


7) The Meal Train will be reorganized in order to provide breakfast and lunch for students. A schedule will be released the week of August 31.


Please remember that students are responsible for attending each of their virtual classes on assigned days and complete all assignments. Grades and attendance will continue to count. As we near the end of the first quarter, our leadership team will assess the current situation and release the second quarter schedule of the fall semester.


Sincerely yours,



Dr. Steven R. Wrobleski