Monday, September 14, 2020

Monday, September 14, 2020


Happy birthday to the following people who have birthdays this week:

Sunday, September 13: Alexis Fonger, Joshua King, Ms. Battaglio, and Mr. Rose.

Monday, September 14: Faith Arkins, Angelo Feliciano, Ty Hrovat, Mary Kuzma, Erick Laurrabaquio-Moscosa, and Mr. Hughes.

Tuesday, September 15: Jeremy Grooms, and Connor Hill.

Wednesday, September 16: Brett Aimone, Mario Castillo, Rylee Hernandez, and Klint Kramer.

Friday, September 18: Justine Daniele, Isabelle Faletti, Sydney Ganskop, John Guglielmetti, Chance Hank, and Kaylee Kofoid.

Saturday, September 19: Drake Brown, Latrell Coulter, Michael Crawford, Wyatt Ficek, and Michael Jereb.


Have a great day Cavaliers, and be the best you can be!