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LP FBLA Donates Special Bike to AMBUCS

The LaSalle-Peru Township High School Future Business Leaders of America recently donated a specialized tricycle to the local I-80 Chapter of AMBUCS. The tricycle was then presented to Alex Munson of Magnolia.Alex Munson receives a custom bike from FBLA and AMBUCS
The focus of the local chapter of AMBUCS is to identify and evaluate children and adults for specialized bicycles, and to procure funding for them.
These specially designed cycles provide therapeutic benefits to children and adults, as well as enhancing their quality of life. These bikes can be hand and/or foot powered and can be adapted to fit almost any physical disability. The bikes help to improve fitness, coordination, increase self-esteem and most importantly give freedom and the experience of riding a bike independently. The recipients of these specially designed bikes would more than likely not be able to afford nor find a bike that is adaptable to their needs.
Children and adults are referred by a physical or occupational therapist or parent/grandparent. At that time they are able to try out various bikes and their specific measurements and disabilities are evaluated by the treating therapist.
Local therapists, parents and interested parties formed the local chapter in spring 2013. We have been able to donate 25 bikes to deserving individuals thus far and we have 10 on a waiting list, explained Missy Bertolino.
“Word of our organization is starting to spread and we average a call a week to ‘put my child/my grandson or granddaughter on a bike, and let them ride,’” she said.
The local AMBUCS chapter generally services clients in LaSalle, Bureau, and Putnam counties.
The amount needed to purchase a bike can range from $450 to $1000, depending upon the size of the bike and the special adaptations needed.
Photo (Above): Alex Munson of Magnolia poses with his new specialized tricycle, which was donated by the LaSalle-Peru Township High School Future Business Leaders of America through AMBUCS. Also photographed are FBLA president Luke Dresbach (from left), Missy Bertolino of the I-80 Chapter of AMBUCS, FBLA sponsor Tiara Bedenko-Hill, Alex’s mother Terri, and FBLA sponsor Scott Lauer.