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Recognizing Faculty & Staff

As the 2021-2022 school year comes to a close, LPHS recognized its faculty and staff for their services, as well as retirees, during the annual end of year celebration on May 25.

L-P Baseball Coach Matt Glupczynski was honored with the Sir Ranier Award. This award is given to an L-P coach or club sponsor for exceptional service. The award recipient is nominated by students and selected by members of L-P Renaissance. 

Coach Glupczynski and his team after receiving the Sir Ranier Award.

Retirees including Jill Hoelzer, Jen Rexius, and Rhonda Willmer were recognized for their service.

Jen Rexius, Jill Hoelzer, and Rhonda Willmer, all retirees, pose in the auditorium.

Those recognized for years of service and perfect attendance are:

5 years

Susan Brooker, Michael Fisher, Beth Hamilton, Adam Kueltzo, Kelly Liebhart, Brenda Mini, Lori Whalen, and Amery Ziel-Cole

Group recognized for 5 years of service.

10 years

Diane Bergagna, Emily Carney, and Peggy Ziel

15 years

Eric Bjerkaas, Lindsey Gaworski, Meg Kowalczyk, Kate Lance, Jason Miller, Shelly Phillips, and Katherine Prosinski

Group recognized for 15 years of service.

20 years

Scott Leonard, Jose Medina, Rachel Patrick, and Joe Villarreal

Group recognized for 20 years of service.

25 years

Pam Engels

Photo of Pam Engels

Perfect Attendance

John Beatty, Tony Beck, Tiara Bedenko-Hill, Scott Blessman, Diane Dalzot, Angelique Depenbrock, Mike Fisher, Rebecca Fredericksen, Abby Goy, Aaron Guenther, Randy Gunia, Sharon Hart, Jeff Humpage, Kevin Keating, David Kelty, Zachary Koesler, Meg Kowalczyk, Scott Lauer, Kaitlin Monahan, Andrew Nelson, Jennifer Plym, Kyle Pytel, Jennifer Rexius, Cristina Sarabia, Ericka Tomminello, Andrew Wiercinski, Luke Wisen, Kristie Witte, and Ed Yoder

Perfect Attendance recipients