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Taylor Hooton Foundation comes to LP for All Me athlete presentation

On August 21, 2019, LaSalle-Peru High School will present the Taylor Hooton Foundation (THF) and their ALL ME Assembly to the student-athletes and their adult influencers.  This will take place in Matthiessen Memorial Auditorium in the evening. A separate assembly will be held specifically for the LPHS Wrestling Program that will focus on proper nutrition for their specific sport. While this presentation is geared to athletics, any LPHS student and the guardians of the student are welcome to attend. The wrestler session will be at 5:30 p.m. and the general session for all student-athletes is at 7 p.m.

THF is a non-profit organization that is leading a national campaign to educate youth and their adult influencers (parents, guardians, coaches). Their campaign is to educate on proper nutrition for improving overall performance and the dangers of loosely regulated dietary supplements, hGH, and anabolic steroids. THF speaks to all levels of individuals from high school to college, professional athletes, and partnering with professional leagues.

THF’s national sponsors and affiliates include Major League Baseball, National Football League, National Hockey League, National Athletic Trainers' Association, Public Health and Safety Organization, and National Alliance for Youth Sports including many others. Several professional athletes have gone on to announce they are competing "All Me" PED Free promoting the importance of staying away from Appearance and Performance Enhancing Substances (APES).  

THF promotes a food-based approach to achieve strength gains and improved fitness through food versus APES. The primary goal and focus is first and foremost a natural food-based approach. If nutrition fails to meet the demands for achieving optimal recovery, they discuss the safety measures needed to take in regards to supplementation. Many individuals do not realize that dietary supplements lack thorough regulation by the Food and Drug Administration. Because of this, companies are not required to follow the safety standards that our food sources must follow, often leading to hidden ingredients that are dangerous to growing bodies and our health and well-being.

A common point that is seen from a student-athlete's perspective when not achieving the success they would like, is to turn to any possible way to improve or obtain the next step up. For example, it is often said "getting bigger/stronger" will help improve your chances of playing and become successful to the next level. However, the problem with this statement is that many student-athletes are not taught proper methods to achieve this. This is when the student-athletes often turn to APES.  It is through the THF that we will educate the student-athletes and their adult influencers. The more knowledge that can be given to them about proper methods would help to ensure it is being done as safely as possible.

Unfortunately, the statistics surrounding steroids alone are alarming. In high school, 40% of high school seniors say it is easy for them to be able to obtain steroids. As for those of have tried steroids, in 2019, it is 1 in 16 as compared to 1 in 27 in 1997. One alarming concern with steroids is that females are the fastest growing users of anabolic steroids for performance and appearances.  

With a variety of factors influencing sports and the pressure to succeed in a variety of ways, it is best to educate and continue to educate both the student-athletes and the adult influencers in their lives. By working with the Taylor Hooton Foundation to bring the current information to LaSalle Peru High School, we are trying to help our student-athletes achieve the highest level of success in the healthiest way possible.