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Revised 1st Semester Exam Schedule

Dear LP Families –

I am writing to inform our families that we are continuing with final exams on Monday. The schedule for next week is listed below. Once again, I do appreciate the questions and feedback I have received from some parents requesting that finals either be waived or made optional. I am, however, remaining steadfast in my position that students need to complete their finals. We need to provide the opportunity for all students – especially since we continue to track class rank and must be cognizant of its implications for the top members of the class along with those students whose opportunity to pass the semester or improve to the next higher grade is contingent on their final exam grade. Please know that I have instructed our teachers to use their best judgment with respect to how they may curve the final or adjust the total weight assigned to it.

For parents of students in AP classes....the College Board has a provision in which schools may request permission to administer AP exams near the end of May due to emergency situations - one of those being weather. We are following up with the College Board this week to submit our request. This will certainly provide necessary relief for students and teachers as they gear up for the national exams.


Monday – February 4

1st period exam:                      7:45 to 9:00

2nd period exam:                     9:05 to 10:20

3rd period exam:                      10:25 to 11:40

Lunch (faculty):                     11:45 to 12:45

(Cafeteria will be closed)

Make-up exams:                     12:45 to 2:40


Tuesday – February 5

4th period exam:                      7:45 to 9:00

5th period exam:                      9:05 to 10:20

6th period exam:                      10:25 to 11:40

Lunch (faculty):                      11:45 to 12:45

(Cafeteria will be closed)

Make-up exams:                     12:45 to 2:40


Wednesday – February 6

Teacher Institute Day


Thursday – February 7

1st day of the 2nd Semester & resumption of ACC classes – THIS WILL BE A REGULAR SCHEDULED SCHOOL DAY – 7:45 am to 2:40 pm.


Sincerely yours,

Steven Wrobleski, Superintendent