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Safe Student Pick-up/Drop-off Guidance

Good evening, L-P Community,The purpose of my message is to update staff, students, and parents with information on L-P’s new protocols for dropping-off and picking-up students. I have included below a map defining where parents/guardians can drop-off and pick-up students before and after school.We are doing this to enhance our security procedures to ensure everyone gets dropped off and picked up safely. We have had some recent issues with drivers going around buses with their stop arms extended in the morning.These new guidelines go into effect on MONDAY, AUGUST 21, 2023. Here are the changes.•    Sixth Street along the East Building will be closed to traffic before and immediately after school to allow for safe bus drop-offs/pick-ups.•    Drop-off/Pick-up spaces are marked by the red lines on Fifth and Sixth streets on the attached map. Fifth Street, south of the school buildings, is the recommended drop-off/pick-up space. Students can also be dropped off further from campus.•    We ask that parents refrain from dropping off students on Sixth Street near the Main Door until after 7:15 a.m. to allow for the safe loading/unloading of Special Education buses.•    The parking lots are not drop-off/pick-up locations.•    Students may enter the building through the Main Doors on Sixth Street, the Clocktower Entrance, or the Social Science and English hallway doors, both on Fifth Street. These entrances are marked in blue. Doors open at 7 a.m. on school days. Any student arriving after 7:40 a.m. must enter through the Main Doors on Sixth Street.•    U-turns on Sixth Street near the Main Doors are not allowed.•    Students should only cross streets at designated crosswalks as they approach campus.•    We ask parents to refrain from passing school buses that have stop arms extended. If issued a ticket by police, this violation carries a 3–6 month driver’s license suspension as a possible penalty.Thank you in advance for following these new guidelines. If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at (815) 223-2373 or,Dr. Steven R. WrobleskiSuperintendent

A map showing the L-P campus and recommended drop-off/pick-up locations.