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ACC Summer Showcase 2023

The L-P Area Career Center is hosting their free Summer 2023 Hands-on Showcase the week of June 5, 2023.

This free program allows students in grades 6-8, including those graduating from eighth grade this year, to participate in hands-on learning opportunities in the areas of Computer-Aided Design (CAD), carpentry, child care, computer programming, culinary arts, electrical wiring, forensics, graphic arts, health occupations, machining and welding. Students are able to attend morning (8-11 a.m.) or afternoon (noon-3 p.m.) sessions with 2 skill areas per session.

Online registration will be from April 27– May 24 on a first come-first served basis. While there is no cost to participants, they must have transportation to and from workshops. (For students participating in both the morning and afternoon sessions, no lunch is served. All-day students must be picked up at lunch and then brought back for the afternoon session.) To register, visit and select "summer showcase" from the dropdown menu.

For more information, email

For those unaware of what each class does, the descriptions below will hopefully clear up questions regarding what is learned in those classes:


Carpentry:  Woodworking campers will be safely instructed to learn the practical and timeless craft of woodworking.  Using traditional hand tools and power tools campers are challenged to build projects such as a collapsible lawn chair.  Whether they are a future architect or looking for a new creative outlet, this program develops confidence through learning new skills and making a fantastic project.  All tools and materials are included.


CAD (Computer Aided Design):  Explore the world of Engineering and Computer Aided Drafting and Design.  In this session, we will be completing hands-on design challenges and working with tools used in the engineering world like 3D printers. 


Graphic Art Design: Graphic Art Design: Learn professional graphic design with this fun course and free software. We'll be learning how to follow directions and about art mediums when we paint with acrylics and then how to create fun projects using the Cricut machine and Cricut design space. 


Computer Programming: "We will be working with Arduino microcontrollers to make robotic cars that can be controlled in various ways. On the first day, we will assemble the car and go over the basics of the electronic components being used. On the second day, we will be writing the code to control the robotic cars. All the students will get to take their cars home with them, to continue playing with and modifying them."


Health Occupations: Camp participants in the Health Occupations/CNA camp will learn some of the skills used by certified nursing assistants to care for residents and patients in the healthcare field.  Participants will have the opportunity to don PPE (personal protective equipment) and change briefs (aka adult diapers).  Not only will participants learn a bit of medical terminology but will also learn basic CPR and First Aid techniques.  Campers will also participate in an Alzheimer's experiment.


Machine Technology: (Machines) Machine shops around the world work with metals, plastics and various other materials to turn raw stock into parts and products through the use of machining equipment such as CNC, lathes, mills, grinders, saws and presses. Learn about the activities a machinist does in his/her job. 


Electrical Wiring: This group will build a custom table lamp out of electrical conduit and fittings.  The lamps will each come complete with a switch, multi outlet and a light bulb.  The importance of safety will be discussed as well as some basic knowledge of electrical hand tools. After completing this project students should be able to identify parts and components of a basic switch and receptacle in addition to building a lamp to take home.



Culinary: During this camp, you will learn to make some of your favorite foods from scratch. More importantly, you will learn how to become aware of the stresses and dangers of a commercial (restaurant) kitchen which will help you to stay safe in your kitchen at home. You will be taught the basic principles of culinary science along with safety/sanitation to successfully prepare popular and tasty dishes.



Forensics: A body has been found in a field at LP High School.  If you are interested in analyzing crime scenes and the evidence to solve crime scenes, then this class is for you. Things you will learn: how to document a crime scene, look for clues of evidence, learn how the CSI collect and package evidence, learn how to lift fingerprints, compare fingerprints from a crime scene to a suspect’s prints, make your own fingerprint card, and interact with law professionals


Early Childhood Education - Explore, Discover, Play

Do you spend your weekends or summer days caring for young children?  Be the first child care provider that parents call by taking your care to the next level.  In this introductory session to early childhood education. you will grow in your knowledge of pay-based learning.  Learn how simple toys and household items can be used for educating young children in fun, hands-on experiences.  This session includes an introduction to the following: providing healthy snacks, positive guidance for addressing behavior challenges, engaging children in play (indoors and outdoors) and providing a safe nurturing environment.  You will leave the session with a tote full of supplies and resources to assist in caring for young children.  Be prepared to get messy, be creative and have FUN!!!



Camp participants in the Welding section of the Summer Showcase will be introduced to welding, welding safety, as well as welding and fabrication equipment. Students will have the opportunity to weld using the SMAW (stick) and GMAW (mig) processes to produce a final project.  Students will need to wear long cotton pants and a cotton shirt.  Leather boots are recommended (loaner boots are available).  All other PPE (personal protective equipment) will be provided.

ACC Summer Showcase flyer with details included in the article.