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L-P Honor Society 2023

On March 30, 2023, 45 Cavalier seniors were inducted into the L-P Honor Society. The L-P Honor Society recognizes graduation seniors for exemplifying the principles and ideals of scholarship, service, leadership, and character.

Students inducted this year were: 

Anneliese Bangert, Nikolas Belski, Emily Bonnell, Autumn Bunzell, Adrian Dimas, Lydia Dornik, Jayden Dyke, Hope Eldridge, Carter Fenza, Brooklyn Ficek, Mallory Freeman, Connor Fundell, Shawn Funfsinn, Stephanie Funfsinn, Emma Garretson, John Guglielmetti, Emelia Hachenberger, Thomas Hartman, Emma Hocking, Cora Holloway, Briana Keith, Zoe Kidd, Adriana Knowles, Ava Lannen, Taylor Martyn, Creed McCormick, Jordyn McCoy, Anna McLaughlin, Carlie Miller, William Mini, Chloe Mitchell, Avah Moriarty, Deisy Padilla, Isabella Pohar, Laurel Politsch, Jacob Quick, Abigail Reed, Christine Ricci, Serena Ries, Noah Rietgraf, Olivia Shetterly, Reena Stevens, Madison Vescogni, Rylee Waite, and Max Wertz.

L-P Honor Society 2023 inductees pose for a group photo in Sellett Gym.