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5.40 Communicable and Chronic Infectious Disease

General Personnel

Communicable and Chronic Infectious Disease

The Superintendent or designee shall develop and implement procedures for managing known or suspected cases of a communicable and chronic infectious disease involving District employees that are consistent with State and federal law, Illinois Department of Public Health rules, and School Board policies.

An employee with a communicable or chronic infectious disease is encouraged to inform the Superintendent immediately and grant consent to being monitored by the District’s Communicable and Chronic Infectious Disease Review Team. The Review Team, if used, provides information and recommendations to the Superintendent concerning the employee’s conditions of employment and necessary accommodations. The Review Team shall hold the employee’s medical condition and records in strictest confidence, except to the extent allowed by law.

An employee with a communicable or chronic infectious disease will be permitted to retain his or her position whenever, after reasonable accommodations and without undue hardship, there is no substantial risk of transmission of the disease to others, provided an employee is able to continue to perform the position’s essential functions. An employee with a communicable and chronic infectious disease remains subject to the Board’s employment policies including sick and/or other leave, physical examinations, temporary and permanent disability, and termination.

All employees are expected to comply with Board Policies and District Administrative Procedures, including the directives set forth herein, implementing current guidance of the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE), the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) and other regulatory bodies of the State of Illinois (“requirements”) regarding minimizing the risk of transmission of communicable diseases, including but nut limited to the transmission of COVID-19. Such requirements, which are subject to change, currently include but are not limited to the following:

(A) the wearing of face coverings sufficient to materially impair the transmission of virus at all times while indoors within a school facility.

(B) the maintenance of adequate social distance (staying a minimum of six (6) feet apart from other individuals) whenever practicable; and

(C) cooperation with all District Administration with regard to symptom screening, student temperature checks, and self-quarantining.

Employees who would like to request an exemption to such requirements based upon an exception recognized by the ISBE and/or the IDPH are encouraged to communicate with the District Administration.

LEGAL REF.: Americans With Disabilities Act, 42 U.S.C. §12101 et seq.; 29 C.F.R. §1630.1 et seq., amended by the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act (ADAAA), Pub. L. 110-325.
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CROSS REF.: 2:150 (Committees), 5:30 (Hiring Process and Criteria), 5:180 (Temporary Illness or Temporary Incapacity)
ADOPTED: May 14, 1997
REVISED: September 12, 2001
August 20, 2008
October 20, 2010
April 20, 2011
July 15, 2015
September 25, 2019
August 19, 2020

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