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L-P School Report Card Released

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October 31, 2023

Dear L-P Community,


The Illinois State Board of Education has released the annual Illinois Report Card for the 2022-2023 school year at


Schools are much more than test scores. They are a home away from home for our students and staff. L-P focused not only on academic success but also on mental health and social-emotional growth. We strive to forge strong bonds with families and community and to prepare our students to thrive in the next steps of their educational journey.


On our 2023 Report Card, we are proud to see:

  • Graduation Rate increased by nearly 2%
  • Chronic Absenteeism decreased by nearly 4%
  • Faculty Retention remains strong at 92.2%, a value above the state average
  • SAT scores have improved in all areas:
    • English Language Arts improved by nearly 6%
    • Math improved by more than 3.5%
    • Science increased by 14%
  • 9th Grade On Track, a measure of freshmen who are on track to graduate, continues to climb following the COVID years and is up to 82.4%


These results reflect the investments made to provide faculty time to collaborate weekly to improve instructional practices and discuss student needs, the work our Renaissance and Link Crew programs provide to support and encourage students, and the focus we put on rigorous academic standards and exceptional career/technical education opportunities. Our teachers, administrators, and staff, in partnership with you, are continuing to focus on key district goals of improving our graduation rate and decreasing absenteeism.


One component of the Report Card is the annual summative designation – a federally required accountability category. It identifies schools for support and describes how well our school is meeting the needs of all students based on eight indicators of performance. Indicators include graduation rate, chronic absenteeism, and 9th-graders on track, among others.


Our summative designation of Commendable means that we have no underperforming student groups and our graduation rate is higher than 67 percent. This is the second highest designation out of five. We celebrate the accomplishments of the past year and continue to strive for improvement. We believe all students can meet high expectations and value our partnership with parents in meeting the needs of your children. When we all work together on behalf of our students, we can achieve more.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at (815) 223-2373 or





Dr. Steven Wrobleski,