LPHS Cafeteria Menu

  • 10/3/2022

    Breakfast menu: pancakes with syrup and pears

    Lunch menu: chicken nuggets, sweet potato gems, green beans, and pears

  • 10/4/2022

    Breakfast menu: cinnamon crunch bar and strawberry cups

    Lunch menu: riblet on a bun, granola bar, mixed vegetables, and applesauce

  • 10/5/2022

    Breakfast menu: breakfast stick and pineapple

    Lunch menu: mini corn dog, baked beans, pretzels, and pineapple

  • 10/6/2022

    Breakfast menu: ham and cheese fritta and peaches

    Lunch menu: burritos, corn, and peaches

  • 10/7/2022

    No School - Teacher's Institute