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How to Help

How to Help

Once again, the funding for education in Illinois does not provide adequate monies for students in many of our public schools. Insufficient funding plus increased enrollment and escalating costs mean essential programs remain at risk without the help of the LPHS Foundation.

Ways to Make a Gift to the Foundation

  • Write a check. This is immediate, satisfying and tax deductible.
  • Give stock. Appreciated securities, if held long-term, avoid capital gains tax as they transfer at their fair market value on the date of the gift.
  • Make a bequest. (Leave a gift through your will)
  • Give real estate. One's home, vacation property, rental unit, or business location may be an ideal asset for a wise charitable gift.
  • Establish a revocable trust in which you fully retain all your assets, but name LPHS Foundation as beneficiary after the trust benefits you and your family.
  • Income from a particular investment such as inherited stock, mortgage, note, bond, or income property can be passed along to LPHS Foundation.
  • Life insurance is often an inexpensive gift. Consider a paid up policy no longer needed to protect one's family or naming the school as successor beneficiary should the named beneficiary die before the insured.
  • A life income gift is one by which your gift establishes a charitable remainder trust. The trust invests your gift, paying quarterly income to one or two named beneficiaries. There are immediate income tax benefits, plus later estate tax reductions.
  • Your retirement fund or investment is one by which your gift is contributed to a charitable remainder trust. The trust provides you income for life. Or you may name LPHS Foundation as beneficiary of your retirement fund balance after it has provided for named family members.
  • Become a trustee on the LP Foundation Board.
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  For more information call the Foundation at (815) 223-1721, Extension 712. P.O. Box 1325, La Salle, Illinois 61301