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LPHS Hall of Honor

LPHS Hall of Honor

Hall of Honor: Consistent with its commitment to excellence, LaSalle-Peru Township High School District 120 administration and Board of Education approved creating a Hall of Honor in 2017. The focus of the Hall of Honor is to recognize excellence in achievement, be it academic, artistic, athletic, or general distinguished achievement while a high school student, after leaving high school, or a combination of both. Furthermore, honorees may have attended LPHS, or may have never attended LPHS but were significant and accomplished contributors that have been associated with the school.

Purpose: The purpose of the Hall of Honor is to highlight the accomplishments of inductees with the intention that current students will be inspired by the standard of excellence and accomplishment achieved by their predecessors.

Structure: There will be a selection committee of 9 members consisting of the Superintendent of LaSalle-Peru Township High School, or his/her designee, the Athletic and Activities Director, a member of the board of education as chosen by the board, a member of the Foundation Board as chosen by the Foundation Board, a retired LPHS educator, a retired LPHS athletic coach, and 3 at large bids. 

Nominations: Nominations may be submitted by any source, but all will be submitted to the Athletic and Activities Director, thereafter to be directed to the selection committee. Once a nomination has been made that nomination will remain for consideration each year by the selection committee.

Process: The selection committee shall review and select, on an annual basis, nominations for inductions submitted to the Athletic and Activities Director. Selections shall be no more than ten (10) in a calendar year.  All members on the committee shall vote, with a simple majority of the selection committee sufficient to award induction. No person or team shall be selected unless nominated on or before the deadline.


1.       All LP Alumni will not be eligible before (10) years from year of graduation.

2.       Former Faculty/Staff or Administration must have been employed with the district for at least five (5) years and cannot be a current employee. However, a current employee may be inducted as a member of a group or team.

3.       Friends must have been involved with the school for at least ten (10) years.

4.       Teams or groups will not be eligible before (10) years from the year of graduation.

5.       The individual, team, or group must have conducted themselves in a way as to bring honor to the school and be an example to others.

6.       The individual, team, or group must have demonstrated unselfish sacrifice, commitment and dedication to the values, standards and mission of the school.

Click here to view the LPHS Hall of Honor online.