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What it is:

The Safe2SpeakUP app is the student companion to CrisisGo's Bully & Tips reporting tool. Using Safe2SpeakUP allows students to report bully-related activity involving themselves or their friends. Students can additionally submit reports about incidents at school to their school's safety team. Safe2SpeakUP users can communicate with those who oversee bully-related incidents and message within their school's authorized groups.

How students get it:

Students interested in Safe2SpeakUP can simply download the app from Google Play, Apple's App Store, or Chrome Web Store.

Student accounts for the app will be created through your school's implementation process, and the school's administration will be able to provide students with their username and password. Once a student logs in, they will automatically have access to these tools. 

Please remember:

All activities through Safe2SpeakUP are recorded for reporting purposes. When selected, anonymity is ALWAYS preserved. Students can now feel safe to speak up and unite against bullying!

Report Bullying or a Safety Tip:

Click here to report a bullying incident or a safety tip to the LP Security Team and Administration.