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Measles Outbreak Information

As you may know, we are experiencing an outbreak of measles in Illinois that includes adults and children. The current outbreak is concentrated in northeast Illinois with cases in Cook, Will and Lake Counties. These cases have subsequently resulted in multiple exposures in schools in the affected areas. Measles is highly contagious especially in school-aged children. To prevent the spread of infection, it is critical that you ensure that students have the age-appropriate number of doses of measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccine, or other evidence of immunity to measles.  Please see the link below for more Measles Vaccine information. 

LPHS policy follows IDPH administration code for school exclusion if an outbreak occurs.  Susceptible contacts who have not received vaccination within the appropriate time frame shall be excluded from school, workplace, childcare facility, or other facilities until 21 days after last exposure to a measles case.

Vaccine Information Statement: MMR Vaccine - What you need to know (

Influenza and the influenza vaccine information

The Illinois School Code requires all students entering the ninth grade or transferring from another school, irrespective of grade, to present proof of physical examination and required immunizations. Information on required and recommended vaccines (including influenza and the influenza vaccine) is available at Failure to comply with the above requirements by the first day of school of the current school year will result in the student’s exclusion from school until the required health forms are presented to the school, subject to certain exceptions.


ISBE is now requiring Illinois schools to request an Asthma Action Plan for all students with a diagnosis of asthma. A copy of the action plan is provided on this page under forms and can be printed and taken to your student’s healthcare provider. Please turn this form into the school nurse at registration or as soon as possible upon diagnosis of asthma.

Seniors -- meningococcal conjugate vaccine requirement

A new Illinois law requires any student considered a senior at LPHS to show proof of having had two doses of a meningococcal conjugate vaccine. If the first dose was given after age sixteen only one dose will be required. See the Illinois Department of Public Health website for further information. Please provide this information by the first day of the school year. Students who do not show proof of this vaccine may not be able to attend school at LPHS. A receipt of purchase will not be accepted, the proof will need to have the signature of person who gave the vaccine along with the date of administration. Proof of immunization is required by the first day of school.

Freshmen Students

9th grade physicals are required by law. A sports physical will NOT be required for the 9th grade because it is included on the Illinois State Health Exam form. Please be aware that it is good for 1 year only! That means if your student plays a spring sport you will want to schedule the physical for June or July. A sports physical will NOT take the place of a 9th grade physical. Proof of physical is required by the first day of school. Any questions, please feel free to call me at 815-220-2738!

Tetanus Shot/Immunizations

The law requires all students in Illinois grades 6-12 to show proof of having received a Tdap booster. This requirement is specific to Tdap only, and no other form of tetanus will be accepted. Your student will need to show proof of having received a Tdap booster by registration for the current school year. Please see the Illinois Department of Public Health website for further information. Some places the booster is available are some physician offices, Walgreens, and Hygienic Institute. This is a state requirement for grades 6-12 so the volume of children in need is high. Please get this done early to avoid difficulty getting the booster. All students are required to have the Varicella (chicken pox) vaccine or proof of immunity. All entering freshmen with be required to show proof of two doses of the Varicella vaccine the first dose to be given on or after the first birthday and the second dose no less than 28 days after the first dose or proof of immunity. Two doses of each Measles, Mumps, and Rubella are required for all students K-12. This is commonly given in a combination called an MMR.

Food Allergies

If your student has a severe food allergy please make sure the nurse's office has been notified. Please call 815-220-2738.

If a student has a life threatening food allergy, a parent/guardian may download the following form and send it to the health office if they wish to have more information on file regarding that food allergy.

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