Breakfast & Lunch Menu for 2023-2024

  • We offer a variety of foods every day. You can mix and match to make it a meal for $2.00 at breakfast and $3.25 at lunch which will include an entrée, vegetable, fruit or juice, milk and/or a whole grain. Due to national supply chain issues, the menu is subject to change daily. See the calendar menu for a list of main entrees served throughout the month.

    Everyday Breakfast Offerings:

    WG Bagel w/ cream cheese $1.50

    Fruit Parfait $1.50

    Fresh Fruit/Assorted Fruit/Juice/Milk $0.75

    Assorted Cereal $1.50

    Whole Grain Toast $0.50

    Whole Grain Pop Tart $1.00

    Main Meal $2.00


    Everyday Lunch offerings:

    Vegetable Burger $2.50

    Chicken Patty $2.50

    Cheeseburger on WG Bun $2.50

    Slice of Pizza $2.50

    Famous Peanut Butter and Jelly $2.50

    Assorted Wraps- $2.50

    Chips and Cheese or Salsa $2.00

    Banana Split Boat- $2.00


    Assorted Salads

    Small- $2.50

    Large- $3.25

    Charcuterie- $2.50


    Assorted Chips- $1.25

    Assorted Crackers- $0.50

    Cookies, Granola Bars- $0.50

    Rice Krispies, Frozen Yogurt- $1.00

    Milk/Juice- $0.75

    Yogurt, Fruit Cup, Veggies- $0.75


    Make it a meal for $3.25


    We offer drinks outside of potential meals as well for $2.00 to $2.50.






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