• LaSa1:1e-Peru Township High School

    Student/Parent Technology Handbook

    All students will be issued a Chromebook for educational use. The following handbook provides students and their parents/guardians with information about the general use of technology, “ownership”, rights and responsibilities for possession of the Chromebook, care of the Chromebook, and expectations as a digital citizen. During the registration process each school year, all students and their respective parents/guardians must agree to all policies listed in this handbook in order to receive and utilize a Chomebook, LPHS network, and all other District owned technology-related items. With this privilege and the extraordinary opportunity to explore digital resources comes responsibilities for each student and his/her parents/guardians. LPHS will ensure that all students use the Chromebook and its access to other resources as an essential part of their learning experiences. Along with the efforts of parents/guardians, LPHS will follow its policies in maintaining an environment that promotes ethical and responsible conduct in all electronic resource activities and uses.
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