• The purpose of intramurals is to allow students to strive for excellence in different athletic competitions, some that may be offered as LP athletics and some that may not be. These activities are designed for those who are unable to take part in LP athletics to be able to take pride in their abilities, grow as members of the LaSalle-Peru High School community, and continue to strive for Cavalier excellence!
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    Congratulations to the 2015 doubles badminton champs Tommy S. and  Alex B. Second place award winners were Kyle C. and Will H. The third place winners were Derek P. and Joel L.
    Congratulations to the 2015 intramural wiffle ball championship team of Tyler T.,  Jake D., Will  H., Mario G., Peyton S., Johnny R., and Kyle C. They narrowly defeated the 2nd place team of Austin P., Trevor S., Brando L., Harry W., Adrianna C., and Brady H. (they were so disappointed they stick around for the picture). It was a great series with the championship game going to extra innings. The best dressed award went to Ausin J. He had on batting gloves, elbow sleeve, and a evo shield to make sure he could perform his best.
    2015 wiffle ball champs          Jurkas best dressed    
    Congratulations to the 2015 Fall dodgeball championship team of Ryan S. Mitch O., Zane M., Damarie M., Ryhemm C., Kennedy C., Max U., Kayne J. They narrowly defeated the second place team of Trevor S., Will H., Kyle C., Bella W., Allison S., Emily F., Riley B., and Harry W. The best dressed award went to the team of Hannah H., Hannah U., Lauren T., Lauren S., Abby H., Nevada H., Quincy W., and Tristan C. Special thanks goes out to our special guest official Noah H.
    Champs    Second place    Best dressed (Intimidating)
    Special guest official  
    Congratulations to the Scrubs for becoming the 2015 intramural dodgeball champions. Team members were Ceasar P., Kyle H., Geno N., Jon S., Max K., TJ H., Mario V., and Kayne J. The second place and best dressed award winning team was the Hard Target team of Allison K., Taylor N., Brandon B., Mackenzie M., Quincie W., Parker W., Tristan C., and Anna K. The third place team was comprised of Isaiah T., Christian S., Brady H., Max S., Tyler T., Jake D., Jake T., Ryan M., and Kobey F.
    champs 2015       Hard targets      Straight ballin
    Congratulations to the award winners in the 2014 intramural bag championships. Elliot L. and Ross W. won the title. Aaron B. and Garett A. finished 2nd while     Cam M. and Jake O. took 3rd. Ben B. and Mario G. won the best dressed/most festive award for their matching santa hats. Award winning teams are in the order of finish with the best dressed/most festive team following.
    bagschamps   runnerup   3rdplace   mostfestive
    All intramural participants must have a completed activity card on file in the athletics and activities office.
    Congratulations to the 2014 doubles intramural ping pong champions. The girls division was won by Karlee S. and Ellie S. (kneeling). 2nd place went to Abby R. and Anna K. (left) and the 3rd place finishers were Taylor N. and Mackenzie M. (right). The boys title went to Alex K. and Chris M. (top) followed by Gen N. and Tommy S. (left) and Darien F. and Mason C. finished 3rd (right). 
    Girls champs            Boys champs
    Congratulations to the 2014 singles intramural ping pong champion Justin M. He was followed by Jake D. (2nd place) and Matt N. (3rd place). They are pictured in order of finish from left to right.
    singles ping pong  
    Congratulations to the 2014 world series of wiffleball champions!! Kobey F., Carter C., Jake D., Kyle C., Tyler T., Mario G., and Mad Max S. swept the competition. 
    Best dressed awards went to the sandlot (Hailey A., Karlee S., Chabela F., Erica P., Abbey R., Lesley R., and Austin M.) and the blue wiffleballers (Mackenzie M., Anna K., Austin F., Cam M., Taylor N., Jake O., and Megan F.)
    sandlot     blue
    Congratulations to the 2014 dodgeball championship team the Turkey Basters. Team members were Michael V., Joe J., Ben B., Erik M., Zach K., Luke D., Shawn F., and Austin D.
    Dodgeball Champs 2014  
    Balls of fury and team FSU tied for the best dressed teams. Balls of fury team members were Kristi W., Kayla H., Teagan P., Whitney L., Addison L., Tiara G., and Elliot L. Team FSU was comprised of Karlee S., Lesley R., Abbey R., Mackenzie M., Hailey A., Anna K., Ellie S., and Taylor N.
    Balls of fury                           FSU
    Congratulations to the 3 on 3 basketball championship team of Mitch O., Christian S., and Noah R. They beat Jack D., Grant G., and John P. for the title. Isiah T., Aaron P., and Tyler T. finished in third place. The teams are pictured in the their order of finish.
     3 on 3 champs 2015         3 on 3 2nd 2015         3 on 3 3rd 2015