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Attendance Advocacy Program

The Attendance Advocacy Program (AAP) is a unique, grant-funded program that serves qualified students who have fallen behind on credits due to attendance, academic, social, or other issues. Through a combination of group instruction and individual online courses, a student can earn credits toward graduation at an accelerated rate. The program is a self-contained division under the administration of La Salle-Peru High School. It is managed by a team including a coordinator/social worker and a teacher. 

The purpose of the Attendance Advocacy Program is to provide a nontraditional learning environment so that each student:

  • Is motivated to attend school every day.
  • Earns enough credits to graduate.
  • Receives individualized instruction and attention.
  • Receives individualized social/emotional support focusing on strengths and areas of improvement.
  • Develops an action plan to improve as a student and in overall well-being.

These outcomes will be achieved by:

  • Creating a small learning community built upon relationships, accountability, and support.  These will all be linked to improving attendance and learning.
  • Ensuring that each student will be served by a caring and positive adult role model.
  • Partnering with our communities in ways that create deeper classroom connections to personal life experiences.
  • Maintaining a team-based approach to teaching and learning.