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Program of Study

This Program of Study provides a description of all courses offered at LaSalle-Peru Township High School for the current school year. It is designed to help you plan your four-year academic experience at LPHS. A planned program of study will help you clarify your goals and provide you the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to reach your academic, personal, and social goals beyond high school. We ask that you read carefully all the course descriptions of interest to you. In particular, carefully review the General Information section, which contains essential information to guide your decisions. In planning your program, consider your course selections in terms of your goals, previous achievements, potential for success, and requirements in your area of interest. Confer with your counselor, teachers, and parents. Familiarize yourself with the different courses, careers, and colleges by using Career Cruising ( and the knowledge offered by your counselor, teachers, and administrators.   While the selection of courses needed to carry you in your planned direction is ultimately the responsibility of you and your parents, the Counseling Division at LPHS is organized to provide you with information needed for your academic and personal planning. Our counselors look forward to assisting all our students and parents in every way possible.
Please note that some of the courses described within this handbook require additional materials/workbooks, the costs of which are not included in the yearly fees. Should you have any questions after reading through the information provided in this book, please feel free to contact our Counseling Division at 815-223-1721. We welcome your ideas and suggestions on how to continue to improve both our curriculum and our communication. We invite you to be our partners in fulfilling our District Vision ~ Learn…Grow…Lead…Excellence is our Standard! 
The complete LPHS Program of Study is available below to view and download.

Programs of Study