Current Fundraising Campaigns

  • Since its earliest days LP High School has benefited greatly from community support. From the generous local families whose donations allowed us to build the beautiful Matthiessen Memorial Auditorium and develop an incredible art collection to the current businesses and individuals who continue to provide financial support to maintain LP's greatness, it is our community that allows LP to thrive.
    There is always great need for financial support for LP's clubs, teams, and other programs, and your contributions can make a major impact on the lives of our students and community.
    If you'd like to support any of these projects, contact Matt Baker, Director of Communication & Fundraising, at (815) 220-2703 or Thank you for your support!

Matthiessen Memorial Auditorium Organ

  • The magnificent 1929 Aeolian organ (opus 1718) in Matthiessen Memorial Auditorium has begun undergoing repairs to bring it back to life. The organ, which had been damaged through water exposure and years of use, has been called a piece of music history by The Aeolian Organ in Matthiessen Memorial Auditorium. experts.
    Jeff Weiler, of Chicago-based organ restoration company J.L. Weiler, Inc., has said,“The Aeolian organ is the crown jewel of your auditorium, an incredible asset to art in Illinois and indeed one of the most important pipe organs in the United States.”
    The current work by Weiler's company involves replacing water-logged cables and performing simple restoration. These steps will make the organ playable again, but only move the organ slightly closer to returning to it's original brilliance.
    While restoring and maintaining the organ is important, the cost of a full restoration is far beyond what the District can afford considering our primary mission of educating students. This is why community support is so important. Please help today so we can continue to share this community jewel for many years to come.
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Athletics & Activities Sponsorship Drive

    Over the years our teams, clubs and other extracurricular groups have greatly benefited from the support of our local business community. One of the ways this was accomplished was through our sponsorship program, allowing our local businesses to support our students while also receiving advertising opportunities on our gym scoreboard and website. With the opening of the LPHS Sports Complex, we’re able to greatly expand those advertising opportunities for our supporters in the business community.
    Proceeds from these sponsorships will support our drug testing program, which is helping our students who participate in sports and other extracurricular activities lead healthy lifestyles; help our clubs and teams get new uniforms and equipment; allow us to outfit our redesigned Physical Education program that will provide greater fitness opportunities for all LP students; and continue to do so much more for our athletic and extracurricular programs.