LPHS Class of 2020 Graduation Logistics

  • DATE: Thursday, May 21, 2020

    TIME: 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm

    LOCATION: LPHS Sports Complex

    MAKE-UP DATE/TIME: Saturday, May 23, 2020, 1:00 to 5:00 pm, Sport Complex

    1) Students will arrive by homeroom according to the following schedule. Early graduates are scheduled from 7:30 to 8:00 pm. It is important to arrive at your designated time as we do not want traffic to back-up. Please do not arrive more than five (5) minutes early to your to start of your designated time.


    Graduation Time

    Ms. Tuttle and Mr. Butler


    Mr. Glupczynski and Mrs. Theisinger


    Mrs. Lawrence and Mrs. Hartman


    Mr. Blessman and Mrs. Gibson


    Mrs. Christman and Mrs. Rexius


    Mr. Spencer and Mrs. Turczyn


    Mrs. Kostellic and Mrs. Meyer


    December/Early Graduates


    2) Each student will be allowed two vehicles. Please plan to coordinate your arrival to the Complex at the same time to ensure your vehicles are together. It may be difficult to rearrange vehicles if you do not arrive together.

    3) Enter at the main sports complex entrance. It would be preferred to approach the Complex driving southbound on Chartres Street/Airport Road. LaSalle and Peru Police will be directing traffic.

    4) LP security will direct traffic into the track parking lot where vehicles will line up at the north end. Cones will be set out guiding vehicles.

    5) The stage will be set at the east entrance into the soccer field parking lot near the soccer building.

    6) LP security will greet vehicles lined up near the stage. Mrs. Ganze will be writing down the names of students - five at a time - in the order they arrive. WE ASK STUDENTS TO WRITE THEIR NAMES ON A SHEET OF PAPER TO HOLD UP AT YOUR CAR SO THAT MRS. GANZE CAN RECORD YOUR NAME ON HER LINE-UP CARD.

    7) Vehicles will line up in front of the graduation stage. ONLY THE STUDENT IS ALLOWED TO EXIT THE VEHICLE. Students do not need to wear a mask when they walk across the stage. Students will access the stage from the left side. If Mrs. Cushing has a question on pronouncing a name, she will ask prior to formally announcing the student.

    8) On the stage will be Mrs. Cushing, our new principal, Mr. Tony Sparks, our Board president, and Dr. Wrobleski.

    9) After exiting the stage, students will pick up a diploma cover that will be placed on tables. Unfortunately, we cannot shake any hands.

    10) Students will then walk to the photographer for a picture. LP IS PROVIDING EACH STUDENT WITH A FREE 5 X 7 PHOTO.

    11) After getting their picture with the photographer, the student will reenter their vehicle and depart at the hygienic exit. PLEASE TURN LEFT BACK ONTO CHARTRES HEAD HEADING TOWARD THE POST OFFICE WHEN LEAVING.

    12) Diplomas will be mailed home after the ceremony and once all outstanding Chromebooks, textbooks, and library books have been turned in or paid for.

    Please feel free to stop at the high school either before the ceremony or after if you wish to take family pictures at the Main Building. The Clock Tower and Auditorium entrance are ALWAYS excellent locations for a final senior photo in cap and gown.

    Mr. Baker will produce and release the Class of 2020 graduation video, which will include pre-recorded speeches.

    We cannot wait to celebrate our senior's transition to the next stage of their lives. If there are any questions or requests, please do not hesitate to email me at swrobleski@lphs.net or call me on my cell phone at (815) 546-7394.



    Dr. Steven Wrobleski


    Map illustration detailing the graduation ceremony plan.