Remote AP Testing Message for Families

  • April 20, 2020

    (Click here to download a copy of this message.)

    Dear AP Students and Families,

    Just as almost all other aspects of our lives have changed since mid-March, so, too, has the testing procedures for AP Exams. While many of you have already been getting updates from our AP teachers and have been referencing the College Board website, I wanted to share a few important details.

    • All testing will be done remotely, which means that testing can be done at home.
    • The new testing dates will be May 11 – May 22.
    • Each of the testing days will consist of three separate exam times at 12:00PM, 2:00PM, and 4:00PM.
    • Exams will only last for 45 minutes, but they MUST be taken at the exact exam day and time. It is estimated that students will need an additional 15-30 for logging in.
    • Students will be allowed to either type their responses or handwrite the response and then take a picture of the handwritten response to upload.
    • The amount of content for each exam has been reduced. Fortunately, LPHS teachers taught the required units while we were still physically attending school.
    • All students who have registered for an AP Exam will receive an email from College Board with specific directions about the logistics of taking the exams.
    • No additional updates or downloads should be necessary to take the exams from the LPHS Chromebooks.
    • If your Internet goes down during the test, then you will be asked to complete an Incident Report Form. The College Board will review your situation to determine whether to allow you to take the make-up exam during the June 1 – June 5 window.
    • College Board is committed to ensuring that students are submitting their own original work. They are using various software to check for plagiarism and many other analytics to check for cheating. Serious consequences will be imposed by the College Board if cheating arises.
    • If you do not have Internet access, please contact me know later than April 22. I can be reached by email at


    For the most current information, check the College Board website for announcements, our LPHS website, and AP teachers’ Google Classrooms. Our AP teachers are working diligently to assist students with their preparations for the exams. Students can also make use of the online College Board resources.


    While the format may be new, I am confident that LPHS students will continue the tradition of excelling with their AP Exams successes.
    Ingrid R. Cushing