How to Start a Student Club/Group

  • In order for a student to begin a new club, activity, or school-wide initiative the following steps must be taken by the student:

    1)      Student must write a proposal which includes:

    • a)      Potential students who will be involved (names)
    • b)      Rationale for the need of this club/activity/initiative
    • c)       Details (when, where, times)
    • d)      Identified staff member who has agreed to sponsor the club, activity, or initiative
    • e)      Describe any additional needs for implementation (supplies, rooms, etc)

    2)      Student submits proposal to his/her counselor and counselor provides feedback to the student.

    3)      Counselor brings the final proposal to the appropriate Associate Principal*.

    4)      Associate Principal meets with the student for additional feedback and final approval.

    5)      The Associate Principal brings the club proposal to the Board of Education for approval.


    *Athletic Director would be the appropriate AP for all general clubs or activities being proposed.

    *Associate Principal for Student Support Services would be the appropriate AP for any initiatives involving mental health awareness, addictions education, character building, or similar.

    *Associate Principal of Operations would be the appropriate AP for any initiatives involving bullying, attendance, or character education.