LP's Aeolian Pipe Organ at Christmas

  • With initial repairs completed earlier this year, the 1929 Aeolian Pipe Organ in Matthiessen Memorial Auditorium has come back to life. This holiday season it brought a bit of added holiday cheer to our band and choral concerts.
    Restoring Our Organ
    Although the organ is now aOrgan during holiday performance dding to the wonderful musical experiences in the auditorium, it is still far from fully restored. A series of phased restoration projects will allow our school and community to once again experience the majesty of this amazing instrument as it was originally created. These projects include upgrading the blower room, restoring the console, making repairs to and cleaning the pipes in the organ loft, restoring the organ's harp, installing digital player equipment to the console, and improving the acoustics and sound dampening in the auditorium. The School District currently estimates the cost of fully restoring the organ to be roughly $400,000.
    How You Can Help
    Considering the current state of school finances, it would take an incredibly long time for the School District to allocate the fundingLP's pipe organ necessary to perform all of the work required to restore our organ. But with strong community support, we could see the organ restored to its proper condition within a few years.
    Donations can be made using the online donation tool below or by contacting Matt Baker, LPHS Director of Communication & Fundraising, at (815) 220-270, mbaker@lphs.net, or 541 Chartres Street, LaSalle, IL 61301
    Online fundraising for LPHS Aeolian Pipe Organ Restoration
     To honor those who support the restoration project, LaSalle-Peru Township High School has established the following recognition societies:

    Matthiessen Family Society

    Donations greater than $10,000

    Blow Family Society

    Donations of $5,000-$9,999

    Thomas J. McCormack Society

    Donations of $1,000-$4,999

    Patron of the LP Organ

    Donations of $500-$999

    Friend of the LP Organ

    Donations of $250-$499

    Sponsor an Auditorium Seat

    Donations of $100

    Sponsor an Organ Pipe

    Donations of $50