Mr. Troy Woods

Phone: 815-223-1721 Ext. 124


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's Degree & Master's Degree

Mr. Troy Woods

I teach AP US History, & Honors US History.
I graduated from L-P High School in 1988. I attended Illinois State University and received both my BS & MS degrees from there. I am also sponsor of Scholastic Bowl. See me if you are interested in joining the team. I enjoy reading comic books (X-Men, Justice League, Batman, Sandman, Spiderman, Green Arrow, anything by Neil Gaiman) watching movies, listening to music, traveling, and reading. I am an avid WHITE SOX & BEARS fan. I get plus 2 on all my saving throws & my alignment is Chaotic-good.
Favorite authors: J R R Tolkien, Tim Powers, Neil Gaiman, Jeff Shaara, Larry Gonick, & Stephen Ambrose.
My favorite Star Wars movie is Empire Strikes Back, followed by Star Wars, & then Revenge of the Sith. My favorite characters are Han Solo (Greedo shot first), Boba Fett, & Yoda. If I had a light saber it would be green. I believe Boba Fett is misunderstood and a product of his environment. I made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs. Harry Potter Books are much better than the movies. My favorite Harry Potter characters are Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood, & of course Albus Dumbledore. Favorite book was the Half Blood Prince, and I never did trust Snape.
I am not the oldest person in the social science division, I will give you a quarter if you can guess who is? I never wear purple.