The Red & Green

  • Come all students of LP High,
    We will shout our cheers to the sky.
    ‘Neath our colors flying on high
    Loyalty will never die.

    Wave our banners of green and red,
    Brightly flashing high over head.
    Always loyal, LaSalle-Peru,
    Great our love for you.

    School of honor, glory and fame,
    With true pride we’re praising your name.
    Known throughout the country and state
    As a school that’s truly great.

    Everyone is singing your praise,
    All our voices loudly we raise.
    Always upright, noble and true,
    Hurrah! LaSalle-Peru!

    ~Lyrics by Vernice McHugh (Class of '32)
      Music by Susan Jane (Woods) Hoelle  (Class of '34)
  • Singing the LP School Song
    Principal Deb Nelson is joined by a group of students to sing "The Red and Green." At LPHS we sing the school song every Friday morning before classes begin.