LPHS Cavalier Cord Program

  • Mission and Goals

    MISSION: The purpose of the Cavalier Cord Program mirrors the mission of LaSalle-Peru Township High School itself; that is to educate all students to the highest standards in a safe and challenging environment while developing within each of them the ability to think critically, solve problems and communicate effectively. The Cavalier Cord Program is one way to fulfill this mission by promoting partnerships between L-P and the community.A 2014 Gold Cord Recipient During Graduation

    DEFINITION: The Cavalier Cord Program refers to service that a student performs for the benefit of his or her local community and/or school. This program allows for students to step outside of their familiar environments and expand their horizons. Volunteering can strengthen one’s senses of civic engagement and nationalism as well as broaden a person’s educational, developmental and social goals. This program engages students in projects that serve the school and community while building social, civic, and academic skills.

    GOALS: The Cavalier Cord Program is designed to enhance students’ personal development, increase their sense of responsibility to the community and explore career options as well as give something back to LPHS and its surrounding communities by volunteering their time and talents.

    Students completing the appropriate number of hours will receive an Honor Cord to be worn at graduation. Interested LPHS students must complete the required hours of service outlined below through four years of high school, beginning no earlier than the first day of their freshman year.


    Gold Cord: Student must complete a minimum of 200 hours.

    Silver Cord: Students must complete a minimum of 150 hours.

    Bronze Cord: Students must complete a minimum of 100 hours.



    You are responsible for arriving at the given location on time, wearing the proper clothing, and respecting all the rules and regulations of the agencies and organizations with whom you are volunteering.

    Your personal appearance is considered very important. A standard of dress reflecting your volunteer status is equally important. Remember you are representing LPHS at all times.

    Document all work and make sure to secure the signature of the supervising adult on the documentation form. These forms are available at the Greeter’s Desk. All school service hours, i.e. runners, teachers’/coaches’ helpers, must be validated by the school staff member who is supervising the student. School service hours are limited to 25 per year.

    You will benefit from your volunteering by building on your leadership, communication, and decision-making skills. You will also learn a lot about yourself. This will help you develop academically by being able to integrate your learning experiences with practical experiences. At the same time, others will benefit from your volunteerism.

    You are responsible for obtaining your own transportation to and from volunteer opportunities. LaSalle-Peru High School does not assume liability for any student traveling to and from volunteer opportunities.

    No monetary compensation or course credit is permitted for work done for Cavalier Cord service.

    All hours must benefit the community, community members or the student body.

Cavalier Cord Program Documentation Form

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