• The Attendance Advocacy Program (AAP) is a comprehensive program which provides academic, social, and vocational supports to students. Goals of the Attendance Advocacy Program are to assist students to increase their attendance and improve their academic performance as they achieve a high school diploma. A strong collaboration between students, school staff, community partners, parents, and educators provides a solid foundation for student success.

    In the Attendance Advocacy Program, each student's strengths and needs are assessed to determine which interventions and educational resources would be most meaningful for the student. Students are connected to community resources, mentoring opportunities, vocational exploration, and school-based services. Academic enrichment opportunities such as tutoring, credit recovery courses, and summer school are considered for students who are struggling academically. An optional education classroom is available to provide a small, structured, and individualized educational setting. In this setting, students complete self-guided online classes and participate in interactive activities which sharpen their critical thinking skills. Social skills groups, personal development projects, vocational exploration, and individual social work services are also included.